Below are instructions for your coaches and/or team managers.  It is required that the WINNING team takes the WHITE Copy of the gamesheet and logs in in IMMEDIATELY after their game and report the game result.  (In the case of a tie, the HOME team should follow this procedure)  There is no reason this cannot be done as just about every parent/coach/player has a smart phone.  If coaches cannot do this, then they must designate someone on the team as responsible for game reporting.  Please forward this information to all your teams and make sure that they know that the WINNING team should start using this this weekend.


STEP 1:  Electronic Score Reporting (Mobile Device)

  •          Go to league website ( or )
  •          Click Admin which will take you an admin login page asking for a password – Important, The admin password on this page is: admin.  Once you have entered that password, you will be brought to the "Game Forms" page
  •          Click “Game Reporting”
  •          Log In using your programs username and password.  (If you need this info resent, please email (
  •          Select team from the drop down list
  •          Review the game details at the top of the screen and make sure it is the correct game that you are trying to report. (this data can not be edited)
  •          Below the game details click "Completed".
  •          Scroll down and enter scores in each box.
  •          Below scores everyone should skip the scorekeeper and Officials information.
  •          Below Officials check the box if there were any game misconducts/suspensions.
  •          If there were misconducts please list the name, number and infraction in the Web Notes.
  •          Click Save


STEP 2:  Gamesheet Hard Copy

The WINNING team must take the WHITE COPY and scan the gamesheet as a PDF (using one of the scanner apps listed at the bottom of this email), make sure it is a PDF(and not a jpeg or photo) and is legible, and email to the email address for that league, listed on the gamesheet.  ( or  The Subject line needs to be very specific for each email and include the following information

  •          4 digit date 
  •          3 letter abbreviation for your program (see list below) if you want this changed on the mobile standings page let us know.
  •          3 Digit abbreviation for your team 


Example: Boston Avantage 02E vs. Wizards 02E Saturday 9/27 - Email Subject line: 0927ADV02E


Advantage = ADV

Advantage Ice = ICE

Avalanche = AVS

Boch = BOC

Cyclones = CYC

Glades = VTG

Jr. Bruins = JRB

Jr. Rangers = BJR

Jr. Sharks = WOR

Lovell Knights = LOV

Patriots = PAT

NE Edge = NEE

Rifles = RIF

Saints = RIS

Seacoast = SEA

Warriors = VJW

Wizards = WIZ

A scanner app is preferred so that the gamesheet is sent as a PDF.  Jpegs are often not legible.  (Recommended Scanner apps:  Scannable, Scanbot, GoogleDrive – any scanner app that will create a legible PDF, not a jpeg)

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